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Android 4.4 KitKat review

Android 4.4 is the contemporary model of Google's cellular working system. the first smartphone it capabilities in is the Google Nexus 5, and we've been using that cellular to discover what is new in Android 4.4, referred to as KitKat. ANDROID four.4 – INTERFACE New capabilities win maximum of the highlight in any Android update, however one of the most vital changes in Android four.four KitKat is its new approach to interface design. The software program would not appearance appreciably one-of-a-kind, but there are some quite fundamental, important changes. the line that used to split the shortcut icon dock from the rest of the home display screen has disappeared, and so have the apps/widgets tabs in the apps menu. And also check freedom apk it can sound trivial, but makes Android 4.4 lots less difficult, visually, than Android 4.3. And this modification has genuinely been made following some cautious idea about how people simply use the system.

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Android 4.4 KitKat 6

The blunt fact – human beings don't change widgets a good deal. You usually find a clock you want, and perhaps one or two greater utility widgets if you're a chunk of a techy fan, and you are performed. with the aid of submitting the widgets menu away, out of plain sight, Google has made the gadget appearance loads more rudimentary, in an amazing manner.
including widgets is still clean, though. preserve a finger down on an empty part of a domestic screen and a wallpaper/widgets menu pops up. we're now not yet sure if the widgets tab will stay inside the Android four.4 tablets, even though.
you'll also word that app icons have been given a refresh. they may be now a chunk curvier, a little bit extra cartoony.
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Android 4.four KitKat 7
Android 4.4 KitKat's friendlier appearance should make it simpler for technophobes to get on with. And its pared-returned fashion is marginally higher to apply all-round. however, anybody who's used Android these days will experience at domestic. simple navigation hasn't changed – it has simply been given a bit of an sensible spring easy.
The notifications bar is quite simple as compared with that of most custom Android user interfaces, though. There aren't any function toggles and no brightness slider on the top level – features we discover pretty useful. as an alternative, attending to this stuff takes a couple of taps.
Android 4.4 KitKat 5Like iOS, Android is likewise usually merging with its laptop household a piece.
there is deep integration with power – Google's cloud garage carrier – and SMS text messaging has been folded into Google Hangouts, the web chat side of the Google Plus social network.
it is a pretty competitive move that wants to nudge things like Whatsapp out of the photo, but it's miles terribly easy to apply and dead handy if you already have a quite Google-centric digital life (i.e. you use Gmail).
but, Google has hedged its bets in this one. in the Settings menu there may be a separate access that helps you to specify the SMS app you want to apply.
As wellknown, there's best Hangouts in this menu, however you can down load others from Google Play. Handcent SMS is a famous one.
Android 4.4 KitKat 3It's not simply chat clients that Android 4.4 is trying to squish, either. The pre-set up Google hold app also desires to take down Evernote.
It helps you to make colored digital put up-its, whole with images and audio clips.
it's smooth to apply, and also helps you to create reminders for destiny occasions or duties in addition to basic notes. keep become brought in March 2013, but it simplest got greater advanced functions in August 2013.
as an instance, you may now set place-based reminders – it's going to provide you with a buzz with the reminder as soon as your telephone's GPS realises you are within the proper spot.